SAP BW Security?

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SAP BW Security?

Post by anya_nanda » Thu Mar 20, 2014 10:56 am

Hi all

This is my first BW security related project. This project has 100 Bex reports in the system.
The client (lets say ABC) has sold one of its subsidiaries to another company (XYZ). Client ABC wants to be able to give access to their BW system and reports to employees of company XYZ. However, they want to make sure the XYZ employees only access :

1) Specific reports
2) For the Bex reports they have access to, they should only be able to run those for their division
3) there are few BOBJ reports(Webi, CR) as well that need to be secured as well

Can anyone guide me on how to go about delivering this requirement. ALso, what technical skill resources should I look for so I can deliver this requirements.

All inputs welcome.


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