standard sap datasource 0fc_dunning_items 0 records issue

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standard sap datasource 0fc_dunning_items 0 records issue

Post by kumarsap123 » Sat Feb 15, 2014 3:23 pm

Hi All,

This is my first post.

I need your help / suggestions / guidance to resolve the issue.

In my project the standard data source 0fc_dun_items is used for delta extraction. This data source is updating the delta records to DSO.

The DSO was getting records and everything was fine, suddenly we started getting 0 records at the DSO level.

This 0 record posting continued for 2 weeks, then I realized something might be wrong with the delta pointer.

Based on some suggestions, i deleted and re-intialized the delta pointer . That fetched few million records to the bw side.

I was hoping that would solve the issue , but again after that we started getting 0 records.

I checked in SBIW --> under general settings --> there the dunning history and dunning items checkboxes are active.

The update which i had got from the r/3 team was dunning was stopped in between for some issue and it has been resumed.

When they stopped dunning, we started getting 0 records, now although they have resumed posting and although every day

FKKMAZE is getting filled with records, the standard function module is not able to post the data to the delta queue.


1) In which table does the timestamp information for the dunning gets stored. I am doubting that might be corrupted

2) Once dunning is stopped and started , is there any setting which i have to check at the r/3 side to resume its dunning records posting to delta queue

3) Do I have to again re-initialize the delta pointer

Please suggest me .

Thank you

Kind regards,

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