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Different interface for RSA1/Listcube

PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 10:35 am
by krestis
How do you like message: "InfoProvider contains too many characteristics; make a preselection" when you need access data in InfoCube, MultiProvider, SPO or DSO objects? How many times you have had to abandon selections made on InfoProvider and start everything from scratch just because you forgot to include characteristic or key figure into initial screen?
Being embarassed by that I created program to solve all these issues mentioned above. ZSTAR is not traditional program oriented to end user. I as SAP BW consultant created it keeping in mind SAP BW consultants and purpose of it is to improve performance of SAP BW consultants and make our live much easier.
More information can be found:
You can find short demos on:
You can download source files from: (to install it on your sanbox/test systems you will need SAPlink)
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