Query variants not found after SAP BI 7.3 Upgrade

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Query variants not found after SAP BI 7.3 Upgrade

Post by altafmohiuddin » Thu May 30, 2013 2:56 am

The system which i'm having is Release 730 and SP level 0009

Let me brief you the problem, the user has more than one variants saved in a Query. When the user opens a Query in Bex Analyser and selects the Variant option, there it displays different saved variants and can select them depending upon the criteria. Whereas if the user opens the same query in Bex Web and goes to the Variant option, there it does not display any saved Variants available, User has to type the name of the Variant manually. If the user creates a Bex portal variant and saves it, neither finds it on the next login. On the other hand we've confirmed the SAP table RSRPARAMETRIZA in BW, all
the saved variants for each query are available.

I've consulted the note 1629251, it explains for the SP level 05 and neither helped to solve our issue.

Any help will be appreciated.

There is no workaround. There is a financial impact as there is a loss in productivity as users cannot access the required information.

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Re: Query variants not found after SAP BI 7.3 Upgrade

Post by RavekiD » Thu Dec 19, 2013 9:15 am

sounds like a question for SAP and for this forum =)
think 1 minute longer

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