Delivery Quantity for a Sales Order

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Delivery Quantity for a Sales Order

Post by BGE_George » Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:42 am

Hi All
I am trying to extract the delivery quantity for a sales order using a user exit in the 2lis_11_Vascl datasource. Howver when a sales order is delivered, a delta is not being triggered due to which it is not possible to extract the Delivery qty into BW.

Any idea how this can be achieved?
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Re: Delivery Quantity for a Sales Order

Post by JohnLang » Thu Mar 22, 2012 4:21 am

Hi BGE_George,

In the source system, in transaction LBWE there are 2 pieces of interest, the Update Mode and the Job Control.

Have a read through the "Update Mode" in-line documentation in the system. This will highlight that some modes of extraction are asynchronous and require a separate (2nd) step to move the data from a temporary queue into the extractor queue.

Then you notice the "Job Control" setting where you can schedule a background job to do that flushing into the extractor queue.

The symptoms you describe align with this job not being run regularly.

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