0GLACCEXT with Group account number

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0GLACCEXT with Group account number

Post by xmchx » Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:28 pm

Dear all,
in our ERP system we have created a new fiscal statement version (XX01) with the flag "Group account number".

Our operative chart of account is YY01 - our group chart of account is "CONS"

We have maintained the structure with the group account number.

We have transfered the new structure to our BW-system sucessfully.

In transaction RSH1 we can find the new structure for object 0GLACCEXT.

In the note name we can find our CONS-Entries.

If I create a report (infoprovider 0FIGL_V10) with the object 0GLACCEXT we can select the hierarchy XX01, but all CONS-accounts are shown as "not assigned".

Why? What can we do, that we can use the CONS-structure instead of the normal chart of account structure (YY01)?

Thanks for your feedback!!!
Best regards,

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