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BI Workbook Roles

Post by Moreno3000 » Mon Jul 25, 2011 12:22 pm

Hello Gurus,

I need some advice on this particular situation.

I currently have users in our BI systems (BI 7.0) that are assigned to roles specifically for workbooks to use with the BEX analyzer. In this case there are users who can publish queries to workbooks for anyone to use (as long as they’re assigned to the workbook role).

Note: To be specific, our business users do not create queries in production, but simply create a view of an existing query and make changes based on their specific need, which then can be saved to a workbook.

In the past we had workbook roles transported (in error) to production from development, which overwritten the queries published to the workbook in production. Updates to the workbook roles were only being made in production, so when the roles came over from DEV it wiped the queries that were created by the end users. I’m currently in the process on re-structuring the role authorization concept in our BI system and would like to incorporate workbook authorization to one role (role based security) instead of having multiple on-off roles for workbooks. Having one role means I’ll need to work in DEV and push the changes to production, however with the workbook situation if any queries have been published to the one role it will be wiped every time a transport goes into production.

I would like to the following:

1. Is there an alternative method to running queries without utilizing workbooks?
2. What would be the best scenario or best practice when publishing queries to workbook roles?



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