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DSO activation blanking out fields

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DSO activation blanking out fields

Postby andrew » Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:45 pm

Hello -

I have an issue where on activating request in DSO blanks out values from new (40) table.
An end routine looks up certain charactersitics and key figures from another DSO and adds these
records to the existing datapackage. The characteristics have random text eg N/A or FR6.
Once loaded the NEW (40) table shows them correctly however once the request is activated these
values are blank. All other values are fine that are coming from transformation and source DSO.
Just to add this was happening to looked up key figures also however I assigned recordmode='N' and that seemed to fix that issue, however the characteristics are still being blanked out.

For simplicity I have deleted all data in in DSO and am running test on only handful of records less than 20.

Any ideas ?

thanks, Andrew.
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Re: DSO activation blanking out fields

Postby merlindaniel » Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:57 pm

Hi Andrew

This is because in the latest patch we have to enable a setting in the transformation level, so that the values derived using end routine gets populated in the target.
Near the end routine tab in transformation there is a icon "Update behavior of end routine display". In this choose the second radio button "All target fields (independent of active rules).
This setting will ensure the fields to be populated thro end routine.

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