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KPI vs Key Figures

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KPI vs Key Figures

Postby Andy Salim » Mon Nov 04, 2002 6:30 pm

Hi there,

Could I please get some help in defining the following:

1. Is KPI (Key Performance Indicator) same as Key Figure in BW?
2. Is one KPI would mean 1 report?. What is their link?.
3. Can we have multiple KPIs in one Infocube? Thus, multiple reports in one InfoCube?.
4. How can we define that multiple KPIs should be in one infocube?

Note that I have all KPI are calculated KPI. Any help will be really appreciated.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Andy Salim
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Postby BusyWare » Tue Nov 05, 2002 2:35 am

from my point of view:
1. KPI is a measure to evaluate a business process or the overall business whereas Keyfigure in BW is the technical representation of a measure. I guess in almost 100% of the cases a KPI is represented by a Keyfigure (KF).
2. As you can have multiple KFs in a query and multiple queries in a report you can have more than one KPI per report. It depends on the design if you use one or more queries, jump targets, ...
3. Yes
4. It depends on the dimensions if that makes sense or not, but it is possible of course.
Hope that helps
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