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Help Needed from gurus(Design Problems)

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Help Needed from gurus(Design Problems)

Postby bwct_020 » Mon Nov 04, 2002 5:08 pm

Hi BW Gurus

I need your help.I am new to BW and working in 3.0B.Now I need to design some Infocubes and ODS Objects.We are going to Extract the data from only R/3 now and in future they are going to get the data from around 150 other applications.I should give the provision for these requirements.
Now my taks is to design some cubes in SD,MM and Purchasing.I have to give them a Demo by Thursday.Pls give me some idea where to start for the design.At present they have some reports in R/3 they want the same and some other fields extra.I am not getting any idea from these reports.Kindly advice me.
Any help will save my future in BW.
Thanks in advance.

Postby Guest » Mon Nov 04, 2002 6:12 pm

To completely meet the user requirements and work out the design is a very arduous process. For demo purposes, you would want to activate some business content as is, load the data, and then run some sample queries to show the users. If they want extra fields or more info added to the reports, it takes time in analyzing and decide how you would approach it if you have never gone through the process. It would also help if you go to SAPNet and look for white papers on SD and MM Business Content. After the demo, you would want to have the requirements in writing from your users and then analyze the Business Content to see they are of any use. If they are not of use to your company, you would have to write your own generic extractors and implement your cubes and ODS from blank.

Postby manick » Mon Nov 04, 2002 10:05 pm

1.Extract data from R/3 USING:
a.LO Method ( Tcode 'lbwe' and 'sbiw')
b. Generic data extract Method (tcode 'rso2'
2.Replicate the data in the source system
-by using the install option you will be able to create the cube instantly
OR create the infosource , assign the data source, define transaction rule, communication rule -activate
Then create a cube and assign the info source , assign dimensions , char, key figures, time char .
Create info package and load data
view the data using the monitor

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