0FI_GL_4 - empty Delta queue

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0FI_GL_4 - empty Delta queue

Post by EF » Thu Jul 27, 2006 3:35 am


We are using 0FI_GL_4 in Delta mode to load R/3 GL Line Itemns data into 0FIGL_O02 ODS.

We need to empty Delta Queue (0 records/ 0 Packages on RSA7) and we were expecting to achieve that by running the Delta Infopackage twice! (This works for all other Datasources we have e.g. 0CO_OM_CCA_9).
However, on the second run, the system loaded the same data than on the first run (this causes no error because data gets overwrited in the ODS) and the RSA7 would still show 1 data package on the Delta Queue. So, we run a third time - the system loaded exactly the same data and at the end we still had the Delta queue with 1 data package!! Another strange beheivor is that at some point during the load we could see 0 data packages on the delta queue (RSA7) for this datasource, but as soon as data gets activated on the ODS it would show again 1 datapackage!

Checking the RSA7 to display records on Delta queue - selecting the option "Delta mode" I got 0 records but selecting the "Delta Repetion" I would still have that set of data.

Can someone let me know why does the system behaves like this for this datasource. How can I empty Delta Queue as this is important if I want to make changes to the datasource without losse my current deltas.

Thanks in Advance.

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Re: 0FI_GL_4 - empty Delta queue

Post by smiks » Wed Jan 28, 2015 11:44 pm

HI ,

Please tell me did you solved this issue?

Thanks in advance,