Compounding of Info Objects

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Compounding Attributes

Post by ParinGada » Sun Nov 07, 2004 1:05 pm

Just talking about my experience what I have seen generally:

I have seen few presentations of SAP and they are always encouraging Compounding for the scenario you (Celeron) are talking about. Compounding will not impact the performance but would be sometimes uncomfortable, initially, for the users. If you compare all the solutions and options available - I feel, don’t be double minded, just start planning about compounding and implement. As CHC has already mentioned “For an already live system you will have to reload everything where ever compounding/source system are involvedâ€

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Post by chetan » Mon Nov 08, 2004 6:00 am

Before proceeding
Put ur thoughts and draw a strawman/strawmodel then Consult ur Business people/SME's before starting any thing.

Things u might wamma discuss with SME's would be

Reports they wanna see getting affected.
Workbooks which most user are used to ,gets affected as query changes.
Hierachy affect on the new model
Most Importantly AUTHORIZATION issues
All in all not a easy deal if its Retrospective, but if it was prospective things would be lil easy(as no dump & reload)

Hope it Helps
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Re: Compounding infoobjects

Post by arieaswin » Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:04 am

Hi chetan & not_yet_a_bw_guru,

I read your post below, currently we are having the same issue. If we use your method by adding source system identifier as prefix in master data value, there are some master data having data type NUMC (eg. 0EMPLOYEE) that:
• We need to use numeric value so that the prefix is applicable to all master data, hence we can no longer use symbol like dash, underscore to separate prefix and master data value. This requires thorough observation to all master data values, for example if we use prefix '99', whether this is safe and doesn't overlap with existing master data that is not prefixed (we will only prefix master data for the newly added source system, and if there is other new source system added in future, so that the existing master & transaction data that have been live for 2 years are untouched).
• Some master data may have been populated with values with maximum length, thus to add the prefix we need to extend the length of InfoObject (eg. 0COMP_CODE, it's quite common to use value 1000, 1100, 1200, etc. and this overlaps from the 2 source systems, ie. R/3 and ECC6). To be able to extend the length we have to delete all records in master data, and consequently we have to delete transaction data in cubes that use master data as well, thus it still impacts existing data.

Would like to ask your suggestion for this case. Thanks alot.

chetan wrote:
not_yet_a_bw_guru wrote:True...

Having said that its more of a disign than anything else.

You only use the concatinated object as the key buy you still have the original as an attribute and thats what you use in your queries.

There will also be a little training involved. But it works like a charm :)
I am speakng of my own experience and with consultation of SAP AG.
cannot name the client but these Instalation i refer to is TOP 5 BW installations in USA,quite huge and extensive cutting all the SAP modules

Hope it Helps

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Re: Compounding of Info Objects

Post by Snowy » Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:31 am

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Please start a new topic and reference this one if you want.