CRM Connectivity to TREX

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CRM Connectivity to TREX

Post by chutney374 » Thu Aug 20, 2015 6:28 am

Hi All

I've created a new TREX installation and migrated the index and queues from the old to the new trex system.

I've created the connection from TREX to CRM and generated the TREX_RFC1 rfc.

Can you please tell where I have to change the setting in CRM to tell CRM to use the new rfc TREX_RFC1 as currently the CRM system is using the old rfc TREX_RFC.

We are migrating TREX from a physical to a virtual environment so I don't want to trash the existing LIVE rfc with a new one in case we have to back out the change.

I believe the only place this change needs to be made is in transaction ESH_ADM_TREX_DEST (IMG = SAP Customising implementation guide - Customer Relationship Management - UI Framework - Enterprise Search integration - Define RFC Destination for TREX) but I'm basis not CRM, and my CRM colleagues are either on leave or ill today.



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