"Last Interactions" displayed at screen "Interaction Record"

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"Last Interactions" displayed at screen "Interaction Record"

Post by LWZ » Tue May 07, 2013 4:22 am


I hope you can help me :D

I have maintained "Interaction History Profile" to show Last interactions for Contact Person instead of Account.
This influence the "Last Interactions" at the Account Identification screen. So far so good :lol:

I would like the "Last Interactions" at the "Interaction Record" screen to display the same - Last Interactions for Contact Person.
But the Interaction History Profile does not influence screen "Interaction Record" :cry:

Note 1851520 says that:
"...the Interaction History Profile defined, only works for the Account Identification screen and does not get linked with another "Last Interaction" tab such as Account Overview or Interaction Record since these belong to two different views.
If you want to control the transactions that appear in the account overview, maybe you can do it via authorization check..."
No help to get here :roll:

Have any of you succeeded to change the Last Interactions at the screen Interaction record in another way??

Best regards and thank you in advance

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