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CRM Setting End Date based on Planning Date

PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:23 am
by JDawg
I have a basic inquiry tracking system which tracks calls coming into the call center for processing. At this point most items are working but I am having a very difficult time setting the dates. The dates I am looking at are create date, changed on and end date. The first two dates work as expected. The date I am having problems with is the end date. There is a field labelled Review which is actually the system delivered field //BTDATEORDERPLANNED/DATE. The date for this field defaults to today's date. If I blank it out the end date will be set to blank and update only when I set status to complete. If the date is set in the field then End date is set to today's date and will not update when the item is completed.

I would like the planned date to default to blank and then remove it from the screen so it is never set. If I just remove it from the screen it will still default to today's date regardless.

If I forget to blank the date then the end date will always be set for the session to today's date. The only way I can get the end date to stay blank so it can be set later would be to shut down windows and restart. So I figure a session variable is being set.

I would also be open to putting in an exit code of some type that always blanks the planned date.

Has anybody had an issue with setting the dates. I looked in Date Management but I really do not see much that will help me here.

Any ideas or previous experience would be appreciated. If you are interested I have more documented on this with screen shots.


Re: CRM Setting End Date based on Planning Date

PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2012 10:30 am
by JDawg
I should also add this is a CRM 7.0 system.