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SAP CRM Mail forms

Post by vicegerent » Sat Mar 03, 2012 9:37 pm

Hi All,

The client I am working with at the moment uses SAP CRM 7.0 and has the following requirements for their email marketing campaigns:

Required functionality:
• Drag and drop / copy and paste functionality for creating and changing mail forms.
• Insert pictures and add hyperlink to the image. Add custom tags or parameters to the images and the hyperlink. Being able to change everything afterwards.
• Insert hyperlinks and change them
• Open and click through tracking for hyperlinks and “pictures as hyperlinks”
• HTML and plain text emails send out “in one go”
• Fully functional (Personalized and open&click through tracking) online version of the mail form without any further manual steps
• Easy upload of image to a repository that can be used during mail form creation
• Personalized/dynamic content (single fields as well as whole sections of the mail form should be dynamic based on BP fields or attributes)

I know a lot of these features are just not possible in SAP standard since the mail form editor in SAP CRM is not up to date. For some of them we created enhancements which didn’t satisfy the customer.

If anyone of you have worked on SAP CRM Mail forms, then can you please advice or make any recommendations on how to meet the above requirements?

I would really appreciate some quick help please.

Best regards,

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Re: SAP CRM Mail forms

Post by bgamble » Wed Mar 07, 2012 3:10 pm

I guess my first response would be to propose the selection of a software package (or service) that can accept a file to be extracted by the execution of a marketing campaign. If this is not accepted, I would propose a four month project with two technical and one functional resource to deliver the solution.
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Re: SAP CRM Mail forms

Post by DrSidewalk » Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:55 am


EVERYTHING is possible in SAP, just not using standard SAP. We've created numerous drag and drop interfaces, although we used Javascript a great deal. But all the same it worked just fine.
How many pictures are we talking about here. If it's many thousands then might I suggest you look at compression of pics (possible using a Fractal library) so that when read they are converted from RAW STRING state of Fractal and converted to JPEG or GIFF or whatever format is needed by the tool crafting the email.
Open and click though should all be possible via HTML, which can be emailed.
In theory a lot of this can be handled via Smartforms (dare I say it) as I have implemented HTML forms and letters (with links) in this way, but my suggestion would be to look at Adobe Forms for this as I think it handles images much better, although is a more costly as a solution, but then it's also more powerful in terms of controlling your output and making the email personal and more dynamic.

Dr Sidewalk

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