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Enhancing the CRM Worklist - BADI issue

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Enhancing the CRM Worklist - BADI issue

Postby CRMjune » Sat Apr 16, 2011 10:32 pm

Hi All
Currently we have a requirement where in I have to enhance the search criteria for CRM worklist. I have 6 fields that needs to be added to the existing structure of the serach criteria. Following are the details :
Work done so far:

Technical Details:
[list=]Enhance the BSP Component CRM_BT_TRANSINB
Enhance the views CRM_BT_TRANSINB/SearchView and CRM_BT_TRANSINB/ResultView
Enhance structure CRMST_QUERY_TRANS_INBOX_BTIL -(append structure) to add new customised field say Due_date
field name : DUE_DATE Data element :YYDUE_DATE field type: DATS 10[/list]

To add the logic to fetch the data :
BADI CRM_BADI_RF_Q1O_SEARCH is called. Implement this BADI.
In the method IF_CRM_RF_Q1O_SEARCH~SEARCH, Call the FM CRM_BSP_OIC_1O_SEARCH_FROM_RF to get the GUIDs (result list) for the search criteria

Once I get the guid_list I will have to filter it based on the customised due_date filed , which i should get inside BADI via It_multivalues field in the method IF_CRM_RF_Q1O_SEARCH~SEARCH .

Now , here I am facing the issue, the customised Search criteria are not flowing inside the BADI implementation :( that is it_mutivalues is not getting populated with Customised search criteria.

Please help!! as the data needs to flow in BADI for me to modify the result data.

Note : I have tried to name the field DUE_DATE as a Z field also in the structure as this was the warning i was getting initially but then the entire BADI implemenetation results in dump during run time.
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