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Partner Functions in Procedure

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Partner Functions in Procedure

Postby Baz » Wed Aug 05, 2009 7:10 am

We have an issue where a "Partner Function is determined on a 'Plan Header' ".

We need to populate the Ex. Interaction Centre (CRM) function, which 95 times out of 100, works fine.

the majority of plans that are created, this will read the Org Unit from the user creating the plan to populate this data.

basically we have interfaces creating plans with references to Quotes, using the Standard PIAPPLUSER, and as no Org Unit is assigned to this service user, we are able to add our own Org Unit to the ICENTER function.

however, if there are any errors, and we need to reprocess, it reads the Org Unit of the person processing the data, and not the code i am passing into CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN....

we have looked at the settings:

Code: Select all
Determination Time in Partner Determination

    Specifies at what point in a transaction the system determines business
    partners for that transaction.

    o   Recurring partner determination starts as soon as you begin creating
        a transaction document and reoccurs as you process the transaction,
        until the system has found partners for all partners functions to
        which you assigned recurring partner determination.

    o   Determination during product entry occurs when you make entries at
        item level. If you want to carry out partner determination based on
        particular products or services, use this option.

    o   Determination when saving occurs when you save the transaction for
        the first time.

        -   For example, you could be use this option to determine partners
            based on the total value of the transaction.

ideally, we would like the determination to only occur if there is not an OU present for the ICENTER partner function.

does anyone have any ideas?

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