Email Logo problem

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Email Logo problem

Post by Guest » Thu Dec 05, 2002 12:51 pm

Hi all,

Trying to send a schedule agreement by email, i.e type 5 external send, however the standard text logo does not get shown in the email.
The logo file is there and appears in the debugger too, i.e HEX , etc.....

Any ideas?

Gonna try a BITMAP command on it.
Please help

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Post by Abap_Novice » Fri Dec 06, 2002 5:12 am

Does it appear on the Print Preview screen? if it does not appear, there's some problem in your definition of the object in the window. also, try using Bitmap with TCode SE78. that's better and easier to use. cheers.

Abap Novice



Post by Guest » Fri Dec 06, 2002 7:26 am

Tried it ABAP novice, one of first things i did,

shows in print preview in both fax - 2 and print- 1, external send will not allow a print preview,

bitmap command as mentioned does not work, works in print preview though with again fax -2 and print - 1.

Apparently whilst searching on OSS, appears it cannot be done, i.e Company logos, in .tiff format and .bmp format can only be seen in SAP Business Workplace and not external email programs like Microsoft office 2000- Outlook 2000 which is what we want - !!!!!!!!!


If anybody has ever done a SAPScript with a company logo (.tiff) or (.bmp) format to work via email through to an external program such as Microsoft Outlook 2000 PLEASE HELP???? and tell me how u did it???


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