Sapscript Check print with two mains

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Sapscript Check print with two mains

Post by Ronster » Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:53 am

Hi all Gurus,

I have the following problem. We're printing a check with sapscript. There is one MAIN window and a second copy of MAIN. (I think it's called a stub-check-stub).

The first stub is printed in the main. Then the Check is printed, followed by the copy of MAIN (Which is ripped off for archving)

While the LOOP is active on the logical databases I let the printprogram ZRFFOUS_US fill a table with already processed lines in the 1st stub.

I know by fact that there are 10 line items possible in the MAIN, so once I reach the 10th entry, I'll write that copy table to the screen with WRITE_FORM_LINES. In the second MAIN window. (It's not a MAIN window)

Right after that the tables are cleared, so they can be used again.
This works ok, but on the last page it repeats printing that copy table once more... while the tables are empty. Do I have to initiate or clear something after using the WRITE_FORM_LINES function module?


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