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PostPosted: Tue Jan 06, 2015 4:41 pm
by becca656
In printing purchase orders with purchasing info record PO texts, we are finding these text objects are not printing, using ME9F.

In all of our clients, from DEV through PRD, the standard function for reading text is failing and a note may be needed to repair. Whenever the std. function is called from ME9F to retrieve the list of texts it fails to read the memory. The code in the standard program appears to be failing at the point where the FORM IMPORT_CATALOG comes into play. The line that says 'Import Catalog from Memory ID 'SAPLSTXD'.'

When we display the purchase order with the requisite text at ME23N, print preview, all the proper text objects are displayed. When we use a different text object for the same data, it is also displayed and actually prints properly. But using ME9F, the purchasing info record purchase order text object fails to print.

Our developer isn't sure how to go about fixing this. Has anyone else seen this? Any suggestions to fix?