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Adobe dynamic paper size and margin

Posted: Mon May 26, 2014 3:06 pm
by stjacqd
Hello Gurus

Is it possible to dynamically change the page format and margin when generating a PDF?

Here is the example:
I need to create adobe forms that should support North-America "letter" format as well as Europeen "A4" format.

Letter format is 8.5 inches X 11 Inches (215.9 mm X 279.4 mm)
A4 format is 8.26 inhes X 11.69 Inches (210 mm X 297 m)

1. Is it possible to set the paper format based on the user location or any variable pass through the interface?
2. For the header itself, it is not a huge problem. It is always on the top of the paper regardless of the paper format.
3. But for the footer, how can I force it at the end of the document regardless of the paper format. Because the paper footer is created on the master page, the page format is already determine at the design.
4. Margins: The margins (Top, bottom, left, right) should be adjusted based on the paper size. How can I dynamically set the margins?
5. Is it possible to automatically centralize the body between the left and right margins?
6. Furthermore, the form should support several languages. But this is another story.

A step by step and/or example would be highly appreciated.


Re: Adobe dynamic paper size and margin

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 10:47 am
by stjacqd
For the benefits of all.

To be able to have several paper size and margin in Adobe, you need to create several master pages.
One master page per paper size.

When calling the adobe form, you just need to add a parameter to idendify which paper size you want to use.
From there a little piece of formcalc code to activate the right master page is required.