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Strange page break problem

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2012 11:19 am
by Bebop
Hey guys,

here's what I do. I'm printing a shipping list with items from a delivery. Those lines also include the gross weight. Fine. The customer wants at the bottom a subtotal of the gross weight so far. Fine.

I tried both manual calculation in the loop of the table and also this automatic calc function in the table. The both work just fine, BUT:

Occasionally the the printer differs from the program sequence. Means: After 8 lines the page break event occurs and the footer part of the table is printed. With the subtotal of those exact 8 lines. Then the next page starts and line number is printed. However, on the printout (including screen preview) there are only 7 lines. Or some times 9 lines. Which makes the calculated subtotal wrong.

Have you ever come across this problem ? I haven't found anything in the documentation and also absolutely no note for that.

Any hint appreciated !