Double sided, one side fixed

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Double sided, one side fixed

Post by k4renm4c » Thu Oct 08, 2009 6:39 am

Hi experts

We are creating new SAP SD billing/remittance outputs for our client to replace an external system generated outputs. They want the outputs to be the same as today - one side with the billing line items (usual stuff) but the other side is to be fixed with terms and conditions and ways to pay. The back side will always be the same, only the front side will change. Our developer is a SAPScript expert and can do it in SAPScript but the client wants SmartForms. He just completed a SAP Smartforms course at HQ and asked the instructor how to do this. She said it couldnt be done. Is she right? We cant use pre printed stationary as the printer is multi purpose and we cant specify conditions if page=2 4,6 then print this etc because the number of pages could change.

We are on ECC6.0.

Please give us ideas if you can think of how to do it as are unsure how to resolve?

Tks K

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Re: Double sided, one side fixed

Post by new2sapfans » Mon Oct 12, 2009 6:06 am

If your developer can do it in SAP Script, he/she should be able to definitely do it in smartforms too.
It is very much possible. A couple of months ago, I did post a reply on this forum explaining the approach.

Here is the gist of the solution:
Every page in smartform has a print mode, and a next page setting.
One just needs to arrange the pages and use these print modes in a certain way to achieve the duplex printing of T&C.

1) Typically a smartform would have 2 page layouts for the FIRST and NEXT page (unless the NEXT page is same as the FIRST).
These 2 pages should be marked for Duplex printing.
2) The same T&C needs to be maintained in 2 pages - one a simplex (say SIMPLEX_T_N_C), and another a duplex (say DUPLEX_T_N_C)
3) FIRST and NEXT page have the DUPLEX_T_N_C as their "next page".
4) DUPLEX_T_N_C has NEXT page as its "next page"
5) At the end of the MAIN window (in FIRST and NEXT page layouts), there is an explicit call to SIMPLEX_T_N_C page... This terminates the loop of duplex calls.
6) Needless to say SIMPLEX_T_N_C has no page as its "next page"
7) One can also disable the incrementing of page number on duplex and simplex pages

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Re: Double sided, one side fixed

Post by k4renm4c » Wed Oct 14, 2009 3:04 am

Great thanks for the help, the developer said that was how he would have done it in SAPScript. Shouldnt listen to the SAP instructors! Anyway, we will give it a go next week!

Thanks K!

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