Debugging problem in VF04

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Debugging problem in VF04

Post by mmsap007 » Thu Sep 03, 2009 10:49 pm


I am having problem in debugging the print program from VF04. Is there any way to debug the program. the print program is customized one.

When we are using VF03 the invoices are printing correct data. But when the user uses for the first time to print collective invoices the second invoice of the same material is going wrong. So i want to check this issue. but the program not stoping at the breakpoint mentioned. Is there any way to debug the customized print program while using VF04.

You immediate reply is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Debugging problem in VF04

Post by new2sapfans » Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:53 am

Issuing invoice prints from VF04? Looks like your condition records are set to timing (VSZTP) = 4.
Try the following:
1) Change the condition records to set timing = 1.
2) Then let 2 such invoices issue the output (as per what you say, the 2nd will have wrong values).
3) Then put break point in the print program
4) Goto SE38 -> RSNAST00, and this time put in the same 2 invoice numbers and try re-issuing the output.

As RSNAST00 re-issues outputs that have been set with Timing = 1 or 2, you can debug the issue of 2 (or more) invoice outputs
via step (4) above. I think the above should also work with VF31.

From what you describe, my take is that some global itab or workarea or variable is not getting cleared/refreshed after its use;
and when your print program is processing the second invoice, stray values from the previous run are causing the issue.

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