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LBBIL_INVOICE structure in Smart Forms

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LBBIL_INVOICE structure in Smart Forms

Postby jam123 » Tue Aug 25, 2009 10:33 pm

Hi All,

Just wnat to get this thing clrified & I'm sorry if Im asking a repeadted question or very simple one.

I did some modifications to Smartforms which were previousely developed & I noticed that most of data obtained using structure like 'LBBIL_INVOICE' without using table name directly (Ex: vbrk-vbeln ).

to the best of my knowledge LBBIL_INVOICE is a structure to transfer data to smartforms. (plz correct me if Im wrong)

my question is;
1. what is the usage of using these structures without calling the table name directly to get data ?
2. Are there any structures predefined by SAP for Smart Forms ?
3. How do we get those structure details (tr. code etc.) & purpose of it in the system?
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Re: LBBIL_INVOICE structure in Smart Forms

Postby BradB » Wed Aug 26, 2009 8:03 am

That structure is a pre-defined deep structure that contains all of the invoice details and it's used in conjunction with the standard print program for smartform based invoices. Thus, you can use the standard print program but a custom form with the same interface as the standard form. The invoice details are made available for you without having to create your own driver program.

To find these standard programs/forms, you need to look at the standard output types, search table TNAPR, or look them up in OSS. Otherwise, search the forum and you'll find the information.
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