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2D barcode - to produce the label using SAPscript

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2D barcode - to produce the label using SAPscript

Postby Leon » Wed Jun 03, 2009 12:05 am

• TI has asked us to develop a label that will ship with our product to them, that they can scan into their systems upon arrival of the shipment. They asked that we produce the label to meet the standards set by Data Matrix , as follows : "The machine readable symbology and Data syntax/Structure shall be 2D Data Matrix ECC200 as defined by AIM International Symbology Specification, Data Matrix. ...includes human readable and 2D Code and FACT Data identifiers (ANSI MH10.8.2) that define the data within the 2D code. " What we understand this to mean is that we must use certain separators that are hex (non-readable) characters :
• Record separator ("RS") : hex 1E (029)
• Group separator ("GS") : hex 1D (030)
• End of Transmission ("EOT") : hex 04 (004)
• We are attempting to produce the label using SAPscript on SAP.
• The problem that we are having is that we insert these separators, and they look to be the correct hex codes on SAP, both via tracing the program, and by looking at the spool output. However, when they actually print on the (Zebra) printer, they show as #'s...
• We believe this to be a translation of the non-printable hex code, to the "default" SAP print value, hex 23 (#)... That is, we believe it is being translated "in" SAP, because the codes all show as #'s visually when in trace or when viewing the spool in hex.
• (I believe our SAP installation is using code page 1162.)
• Since we have tried a number of methods of indicating these hex values ( including tagging them with the SAPscript documented control characters -- <(>...<)> -- that are supposed to pass unchanged data), and they still seem to get "translated", we believe that the problem may be in the device type "mapping" for these specific hex values, and therefore are probably being done "after the fact" from the SAPscript control. Can you help to confirm if this may be the case? (That is, have you done this sort of thing, and if so, do you recall if the device type had to be changed in support of such hex code separators?)

Thanks in advance
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Re: 2D barcode - to produce the label using SAPscript

Postby Rich » Mon Jun 15, 2009 6:28 am

In Transaction SPAD, under Full Administration->Device Types->Print Control, create three new codes for the relevant printer type (name them for example RS, GS and EOT). Select the 'Direct' and 'Hexadecimal' radio buttons. In the control character sequence field, specify the hex values for these characters.

The try using those print controls in your form.


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Re: 2D barcode - to produce the label using SAPscript

Postby pankajdave » Thu Jul 09, 2009 12:48 pm


I want to use 2D barcode for ECC6.0. Can you suggest me how to do it ? DO I require some developement or other tool for this ?

Pankaj Dave
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