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How to controll Address window in the IR8E form

Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2002 8:35 am
by Guest
Dear All,

I am modifying IR8E employee tax form,which is giving correct out put as per requirement.

but my probelem is that when i use DOTMATRIX printer.

For one PERNR(employee) it is giving correct format, but when i try to print for multiple PERNR's , the format of
first page is correct, from the second pernr (second page) onwards address window is moving down around 5 lines , like this when reach to print 10 th page, the whole address window is printing at the bottem (replacing in footer window)

so how to controll this, please advise me waiting for ur reply.
Looking forward to hear from you soon.
Thanks in advance.
:D AK.