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FAQ: New here? Please see the top-asked questions first.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 13, 2004 2:30 pm
by ilya
The list below contains top-asked questions at SAPFans ABAP forum. Before asking something in the forum please review them carefully. If it seems like your problem is listed there, read the topics that are listed. Normally this will cover most of what you need.

NOTE: the first part is listing ABAP questions. The second part is ALV-related. And the last one lists the topics covered in ABAP Knowledge Corner set up by Rich; the topics there will help you to improve your SAP technical background. Some links from the first part will direct you to the Knowledge Corner. You can also visit my ABAP Log where I publish technical information that may be useful for ABAPers.

0. Where can I find some documentation on SAP data model (tables, their relationships)? How do I look for data sources, i.e. where the data is coming from for some field in a transaction?
An article on data sources:
Note: an updated version can be found in ABAP Knowledge Corner at

1. How do I read document's "texts" (like header text)?

2. How do I find when a program was run the last time?

3. I have a steploop in BDC, but the number of lines depend on screen resolution. What to do?

4. How do I call a program on presentation (Win32 .EXE) or app server (UNIX etc)?

5. How can I declare an internal table "dynamically" (with different fields).

6. How do I print the total number of pages in report, like Page 1 of 5?

7. How do I implement this popup window with a list of possible input values? (F4-Help).

8. I see a table name starting with * in TABLES statement of ABAP program. What's that?

9. How to find available user exits for a transaction/functional area?

10. How do I convert a Hex code into ASCII character and vice versa?

11. I want to update some data. Why can't I use SQL directly, like UPDATE VBAK ....?

12. When I print material number, how do I suppress leading zeroes?

13. How can I download ABAP Source Code completely with screens/GUIs/etc (to restore it on another system)? - this link is in German or - a newer tool

14. Are there any standards or best practices for ABAP programming? - docs kindly provided to sapfans by Rich

15. Can I perform date arithmetic ignoring holidays and weekends?

16. In LOOP with int. table, when I am in AT NEW (END etc) block, some fields are filled with *. Why?

17. Is there any way to hide ABAP code? I don't want it to be visible to others, and I know SAP did this to some programs.

18. What does SY-SUBRC=1001 means after CALL TRANSACTION?

19. Why WS_DOWNLOAD (WS_UPLOAD, WS_*) fails in background? In general, how can I write files to PC in background?

20. I have to modify a program with edit lock set by other person, who has left the project. What can I do?

21. How can I build SELECT dynamically (if I will know columns/table/conditions only at run time)?

Still can't find it? It's very likely that your question can be number 22 but was not picked for FAQ. Please scroll the forum down to see the recent topics and use the search features before asking.

Your suggestions for further improvement will be highly appreciated.

ALV part

PostPosted: Tue Mar 16, 2004 4:36 am
by ilya
This part is giving the links to most popular ALV topics. ALV List Viewer represents a way to build your lists that have nicer look than classic ABAP lists. It has built-in interactivity, sorting/grouping, (sub)totals, input and many features to make your users happy. Surprisingly, SAP provides a lot of comprehensive examples, just browse the development class SLIS in SE80. For you impatient ones, FAQs are below.

1. Please give me general info on ALV. - this one discusses which way should you use - ABAP Objects calls or simple function modules.

2. How do I program double click in ALV?

3. How do I add subtotals (I have problem to add them)...

4. How to add list heading like top-of-page in ABAP lists?

5. How to print page number / total number of pages X/XX in ALV? (no direct solution)

6. ALV printing problems. The favourite is: The first page shows the number of records selected but I don't need this.

7. How can I set the cell color in ALV?

8. How do I print a logo/graphics in ALV?

9. How do I create and use input-enabled fields in ALV?

10. How can I use ALV for reports that are going to be run in background?

11. How can I display an icon in ALV? (Common requirement is traffic light icon).

12. How can I display a checkbox in ALV?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 16, 2004 4:41 am
by ilya
This part provides an overview of the topics in the ABAP Knowledge Corner that is set up by Rich. The list of topics is copied from the index page. For most recent content, please visit the index.

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