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Postby Guest » Tue Oct 22, 2002 6:53 am

Hi Gurus,

Is there any standard programs available in SAP to UPLOAD masterdata (like Customer master, Vender master, Material master) from a TEXT file instead of using BDC and LSMW.

How can I findout these programs?

Thanks in advance


Postby Dopey » Tue Oct 22, 2002 7:38 am

Hi-Ho Guest,

Phew it's taken me a while but you may find the following SAP standard programs useful:

Accounting documents RFBIBL00
Assets RAALTD01 (Batch Input) RAALTD11 (Direct Input)
G/L account master RFBISA00
Customer master RFBIDE00
Vendor master RFBIKR00

Master data (Organizational Units) RPUSTD00
Payroll account RPULKT00
Personnel planning data RHALTD00

Create characteristics RCCTBI01
Create classes RCCLBI01
Create classification RCCLBI02
Change classification RCCLRI03
Material master RMDATIND
Purchase information records RM06IBI0
Materials Management Purchase requisitions
Open purchase order RM06BBI0
RM06EEI0 Purchase Order
RM06EEI1 Order Development
Reservations RM07RRES
Stocks (Inventory Management) RM07MMBL
Vendor master RFBIKR00

Measuring point RIIBIP00/IBIP
Functional location RIIBIP00/IBIP
Object link RIIBIP00/IBIP
Equipment RIIBIP00/IBIP
Maintenance plan RIIBIP00/IBIP
Scheduling maintenance plan RIIBIP00/IBIP
Order confirmation RIIBIP00/IBIP
Equipment task list RIIBIP00/IBIP
General maintenance task list RIIBIP00/IBIP
Functional location task list RIIBIP00/IBIP

Create bill of material RCSBI010
Change bill of material RCSBI020
Create variant bill of material RCSBI030
Create bill of material with long texts RCSBI040

Sales and Distribution Condition records (pricing) RV14BTCI
Sales and Distribution Customer master RFBIDE00
Open sales orders RVINVB00

Stocks on Storage Bins RLBEST00

I hope this helps.


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Postby Guest » Tue Oct 22, 2002 10:55 am

An outstanding job!!!


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