Program to paste unlimited text to call MS Word Template

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Program to paste unlimited text to call MS Word Template

Post by GreenGreen » Tue Apr 23, 2019 1:39 am

Dear Expert,
I have three questions:

1. When using Functional Module "GUI_UPLOAD", is it true that only a maximum of 255 characters per text line is allowed?

2. If I need to write a ABAP program which can change the text editor to a MS Word template, so that I can place a passage of text in unlimited length in one go, is it possible to do that?

3. If user could not tell how long the text he will be uploaded, actually I could not define how many text lines with how long the text length.
Under this circumstance, how can I first upload unlimited characters to Server text pool without any truncation of words?
That is, I don't want to control the length of text when upload to Server, but when paste the text from Server to the SAP application long text, I can count the text length to paste per each line.

Thank you.

Green Green

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