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PostPosted: Tue Nov 24, 2015 11:47 am
by AlainR2000
Hello all,

We have been running Sap for several years and we want to proceed to a major SQ03 cleanup and I found the above FM to list all userids along with the Abap query user group they are part of. More than half of the users shown no longer exist in SU01 (USR02 table).

Other than deleting assignements one by one in SQ03, is there a quick way to delete all those oboslete entries ? I am trying to find the tables associated to the deletion of a user assignement when running SQ03 and all I hit is a whole bunch of structures and transparent tables.

If any of you has an Abap program to do so, could you please indicate which tables are involved so I can code the SELECT and DELETE statements. AQLDB table seems to contain cluster fields so not obvious to code.

Thank you all. Much appreciated. When running SE37 for FM listed above, look at O_DBBN table parameter to list all obsolete and valid entries.