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SAP Query - Date Table

PostPosted: Tue Oct 20, 2015 8:10 am
by Brahio
Checking if anyone has done this or can advise on an angle to get this. I simply want to create some summary queries (SQ02/SQ01) where the main table is a list of unique dates. I'm going to write some code in SQ02 to summarize specific subtotals for each day, but I need to have a date as a basis. Is there a standard table that just lists out dates from the factory calendar (or similar)? I just need a table with a list of unique dates.

My example query output after in my selection 10/1/15 through 10/05/2105:

Date Total_POs Total_Deliveries Total_EDI_FAILURE etc
10/1/15 1700 990 6
10/2/15 17055 920 0
10/3/15 7023 940 33

So I need a date as a basis