MD06 Output

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MD06 Output

Post by MikeB » Wed Mar 12, 2014 10:40 am


I am trying to run a report that I can dump into excel in SAP that will list all of the exception 10 messages only. I understand how to run the MD06. What I have been doing is:
1) Run MD06
2) Fill in plant, goto tab Exception Groups in Restricted Selection and mark group 7
3) Press enter, ignore warning and press enter or select specific MRP ctrler
4) When output list is available, use binocular button in top of screen and confirm with update statistics
5) Goto tab Find Exceptions and mark line corresponding with Reschedule In and press find exceptions.

This works fine, but the problem is it lists all exceptions within the plant and highlights the ones with my selected criteria. Once I dump the list into excel the highlights are gone and I get all exception messages mixed together.

Is there a way to create the report in excel for only my highlighted criteria?



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