Problem with CUST_CTRL in webservice

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Problem with CUST_CTRL in webservice

Post by RGoeken » Mon Oct 24, 2011 4:45 am

Hi All,

I have developed a transaction with ABAP for a barcode scanner. The screens have generated templates which are published in a internet service.
On one of these screens I build a table control ( textbox) which gave an error when we ran the transaction on the scanner. I googled the message "unknown type for CUST_CTRL textbox1 and I found that I should replace it in the template with :
<div>`include(~service="itsmobile", ~theme="99", ~name="alv_grid.html");
alv_grid( 'TEXTBOX1', 16, 14);`
Now there is no error anymore but the data is not passed through to the field in the screen while it works oerfect when I run it in SAP.
Any ideas?

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