IS-U / CCS Dunning variable charge

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IS-U / CCS Dunning variable charge

Post by Kfactor » Tue Sep 13, 2011 10:05 am

Hello Experts - Need your help here.

My requirement is to post variable dunning charge on different Contract Accounts for the same dunning procedure and dunning level combination. E.g. dunning procedure MD level 10
At level 10 we generate a letter and we need to post a fee which varies as per the contract account (at a higher level). In some case we need to charge $5, in some $10 and we have quite a few variations on the amount to be charged.

We have defined charge category : LE Letter charge
Document type DU assigned to charge category.
Charge Schedule LS - charge category LE and $2 assigned as minimum charge.
The charge schedule and charge have been assigned to the corresponding dunning level (10) under dunning procedure MD

In Event FKK_SAMPLE_0360 when we code to vary the Charge from $2 to any $ amount we want as per the Contract account, the amount is not posted on the account. However the amount does show up on the FKKMAKO table for the item. This is a problem. We want the charge (Fees) to post on the contract account too.

PS: In Event FKK_SAMPLE_0360 when we do not vary the Charge from $2 to any other $ amount, the amount is posted on the account. The amount shows up on the FKKMAKO table for the item. No problem here.
Creation of multiple dunning procedures is not an option due to the large numbers.

Any suggestions on this. Any other event needs to be implemented or activated?
Or will defining an activity and assigning any specific Function Module help?

Thanks in advance.

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