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MEDRUCK Form and "Print country name in recipient langu

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MEDRUCK Form and "Print country name in recipient langu

Postby Monika » Tue Oct 22, 2002 7:19 am

Dear All,
Please, could somebody advise to me with my aim to print text name of recipient country in his language ?

What was done up to now is:
1. In Customizing>Global settings>Set countries>Define countries>on Detail screen the Flag: Print country name in foreign addresses was choosen.
In response the country name is printed as we need.
The n e w p r o b l e m is that it is in sender language
instead of receiver language what we would like.

2. So our programmer have done the special flag Print country name in recipient language in the print program SAPFM06P additionally.
Unfortunately the text name of country next disappeared.

3.So the program change went back.

Temporarily we can use the possibility of the function without language specification and next logon in recipient language to system.
But we have some problems with users to do it.

Anyone suggestion will be very appreciated !!!

Thanks for your help in advance,


multiple languages on Purchase orders

Postby Dale Lewis » Tue Oct 22, 2002 1:01 pm

We had a similar problem as we implemented in different countries. We copied the SAP INCLUDE RVADOPFO to ZVADOPFO since it is called from almost every output print program in Procurement and Sales & Dist. We then created a "Z" table with the Application, Condition type, sales org for SD, Company code for Procurement and the destination country. The last field is the SAPscript form which is to be used depending on the ship-to customer or supplier.

To print just the country name in a different language, we change VBDKR-SLAND in the output program based on the destination. SAP reads T005T to determine the correct name of the destination country.
Dale Lewis

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