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System refresh

Post by dontlookdown » Tue Oct 25, 2016 1:58 pm

I know there have been previous posts about refreshing SAP systems which I have looked at, apologies if this is duplicated but I have a couple of questions.
I have a request to refresh both our QAS and DEV systems from PRD, everything except data is required. It is looking like when the system was first built, and maybe some time after, changes were made directly in PRD, causing the systems to be out of alignment. I have now taken over management of these systems and since locked it down!! So basically when we get an issue in PRD, we cannot always reproduce the error in DEV or QAS due to the systems being out of alignment.
I am running EEC6 EHP6 on Win2012\SQL2012 environment, so I believe to achieve my goal I have two options: -
1. Homogeneous system copy
2. Client export\import
So my question to align the configuration, if I choose option 2 using profile ‘SAP_EXPC’ Customizing Including Cross-Client Customizing, I will create a new client in PRD copying everything except data, then use this client to export from PRD into QAS, then delete existing QAS clients creating new ones from the imported one. Will this get the desired results for QAS, or should i\need to use the system copy option instead?
Then when I do the same and refresh DEV (I know this is not ideal), assuming I go ahead with option 2, will I still lose version management and transport history? If so, I recall years ago there was a way I think where you could export version management and re import after a refresh, is that still an option?
I appreciate your feedback and any guidance you can offer,

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Re: System refresh

Post by Snowy » Tue Oct 25, 2016 8:25 pm

this is a very complex subject, but if you want to keep version management, look at SAP note 130906.

rebuilding a DEV system is risky and complicated. i would ask an experiences SAP consultant about this... even SAP has not a real complete solution for your DEV issues.

as for QA refresh, it is better than a client copy.

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Re: System refresh

Post by Zavaros » Wed Oct 26, 2016 7:13 am


for synchronization you should use system copy. Other way you can have ABAP code and Data dictionary inconsistencies.

Before system copy you can save important data from the target systems.

even if you have no license for SAP "Post Copy Automation" (PCA) tool you can check in function module SCTC_GET_WHITELIST the list of tables that SAP imports back to the target system after system copy.

This whitelist contains all tables required for version management, transport history, instance profile, RFC destinations, etc.
We use this list for years.

Until now we had only 2 issues:
- the users authorization did not work after import so the authorization buffers had to be reseted manually
- in 7.40 systems TADIR table should be exported according whitelist ... nevertheless it should not be imported into back a downgraded system ;)


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Re: System refresh

Post by dontlookdown » Wed Oct 26, 2016 9:15 am

Thank you both for your comments, they have been very helpful, i will look at the OSS note and tables now and start to prepare system copy option for QAS.
As for DEV, looks like this will require careful planning and consideration..

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