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Batch Job removal

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Batch Job removal

Postby chutney374 » Tue Sep 02, 2014 2:07 am

Hi All

I have a little problem.

In our ERP system we have a number of failing batch jobs. They are failing because, the project team decided that they wanted several clients in the production system... :roll:

We therefore created several client and performed the necessary client copy activities.

However we've since deleted these clients, BUT the batch jobs associated with those clients don't get deleted. As such although I productive client is client 400, we have batch jobs for clients 410, 410, 499 etc...

This adds up to a lot of batch jobs, and a lot of failures for missing loggons for job steps. I need to remove batch jobs that are set to run in clients that no longer exist.

Is there a quick way to removed these batch jobs. The structure holding this information is BTCH1150, but I can't see a way of removing batch jobs associated with clients that no longer exist in a quick and easy manner.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Paul M
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Re: Batch Job removal

Postby hoinz » Wed Sep 03, 2014 6:36 am

You may change the job status from 'released' to 'scheduled'.
This may be done in table TBTCO directly.

status = 'S' for 'released'
status = 'P' for 'scheduled'

The client is in field authckman.

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