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SAP Command line access

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SAP Command line access

Postby rmichalowski » Thu Feb 13, 2014 10:50 am

Hello, hope all is well.

I am really green when it comes to SAP. I honestly don't even use it much. But I do sometimes. In my company, I'm the Teamcenter Admin and have no access to any cool development tools for SAP. Unfortunately the people who might have that access are either too busy or do not want to try to create scripts or pull reports properly or create any customization. I am looking (hoping) that there is a way I can deliver a series of command line arguments (to the command line) to get a text based BOM.

I have figured out how to execute from CMD to launch the SAPGui in the transaction code I want to use.
sapshcut.exe -system=PRD -client=100 -user=RMICHALOWSKI -pw=<secret> -command=CC05

I'm hoping someone could tell me that there is a way I can extend that to input the Material number, plant, BOM Application etcetera. (Maybe even read from a file!)

Ultimately I want to then import this into Excel and run it through some VB Magic to make it all pretty and such :) .

So if anyone can help me I will be in your karmic debt. If this is not possible, I'm a big boy and can handle the news, so please say so, if you have any other suggestions, I will be monitoring this post!

Have a great day,

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