Message Server not Reachable in HA enviromet

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Message Server not Reachable in HA enviromet

Post by KarstenK » Tue Feb 21, 2012 8:18 am

Hi "Gurus" :-)

I have the folowing problem.
HA enviroment:
OS: Linux
DB: Oracle

DB Host installation OK
SCS Installation OK
ERS Installation OK

On the DB Host there are running multiple DBs . All other Installation (CI / DI) have been ok.
This time the message server seems to be unreachable. CI Installation is givin up after 10 minutes , trying to start the CI.

I´ve stopt an startet the MS again, but there is still no connection possible.

The dev_disp files shows a connection error:

**LOG Q0I=> NiPConnect2: connect (111: Connection refused) [nixxi.cpp 3271]
*** ERROR => NiPConnect2: SiPeekPendConn failed for hdl 45/sock 18
(SI_ECONN_REFUSE/111; I4; ST; [nixxi.cpp 3271]
*** ERROR => MsIAttachEx: NiBufConnect to tux074-033/3910 failed (rc=NIECONN_REFUSED) [msxxi.c 715]

but this is the ip of the DB Host?! 3910 is correct for the message server but its a distributed installation, so the scs instance is on a diferent host than the DB.
I checked all the profiles but can´t find any error.

dev_w0 un CI HOst shows:

M ***LOG GI0=> [enctrl.c 2395]
M ***LOG GI4=> [enctrl.c 2395]
E *** ERROR => DequeAll() failed. Returncode = 8 [enctrl.c 2397]
E {root-id=005056AB009E1EE19791C6599A4355F5}_{conn-id=00000000000000000000000000000000}_0

E *** ERROR => Owner = 20120221141600522724000000tux276-033......................, ReturnCode = 8 [enctrl.c 2399]
E {root-id=005056AB009E1EE19791C6599A4355F5}_{conn-id=00000000000000000000000000000000}_0

E client: 000
E user: SAPSYS
E tcode:
E calling program: SAPMSSY2
E dynpro no.: 4004
E dynpro group:

Hope you have a solution.

Kind regards,


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Re: Message Server not Reachable in HA enviromet

Post by Zavaros » Fri Feb 24, 2012 3:59 am


have you checked the hosts file?
maybe you have wrong IP address assigned to the host name.



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