Missing Something for CC on MSCS

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Missing Something for CC on MSCS

Post by Tinuviel » Sun Jul 19, 2009 9:14 am

We just brought up a Windows Oracle QA system on x64 MSCS. The ASCS, SCS, first node, and database was brought up on MSCS virtual host ECQA-DB. The CI was brought up on a non-MSCS server ECCECQ-CIS. We got everything installed, figured out the special parameters needed to get TMS to work, and do all the post-installation tasks. The only thing left is a remote client copy (we were to do a local client copy just fine).

We synched the QA system data dictiionary with the DEV data dictionary. Then we submitted a SAP_ALL remote client copy and left it to run for half a day. When we looked in to see how it was going, it had copied 0 tables and had hang in step /SAPCND/CC_GROUP_WS_AA. None of the notes I find in OSS pertain apply to our situation.

So, we got to playing around with different profiles (using immediate mode so we could watch) to see exactly what we could and couldn't do. We can do a SAP_USER remote client copy. But anything that copies real data sits in step "Delete Working set table type /1cn/WS_ID_200CPE_MM_SKU_T" and never moves on.

Everyone have any new ideas?

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Re: Missing Something for CC on MSCS

Post by Harters » Mon Jul 20, 2009 6:14 am

Silly question but I assume that the target client for the copy is installed with the same kernel level, br tools, tables, OSS patching e.t.c as this can cause issues if there are different releases which lead to differences in the structures of the two clients if they are remote. Obviously this doesn't come into it for local client creation
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