SAP CLC HR Components

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SAP CLC HR Components

Post by shamsul » Tue Jun 30, 2009 2:00 am

Dear Expert,

How and where I can download this CLC components in SAP Service Marketplace?
How to patch it?
SAP_HRCPH 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCPH Sub component SAP_HRCPH of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCNZ 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCNZ Sub component SAP_HRCNZ of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCNO 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCNO Sub component SAP_HRCNO of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCNL 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCNL Sub component SAP_HRCNL of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCMY 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCMY Sub component SAP_HRCMY of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCMX 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCMX Sub component SAP_HRCMX of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCKR 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCKR Sub component SAP_HRCKR of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCJP 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCJP Sub component SAP_HRCJP of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCIT 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCIT Sub component SAP_HRCIT of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCPT 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCPT Sub component SAP_HRCPT of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCSE 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCSE Sub component SAP_HRCSE of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCSG 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCSG Sub component SAP_HRCSG of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCTH 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCTH Sub component SAP_HRCTH of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCTW 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCTW Sub component SAP_HRCTW of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCUS 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCUS Sub component SAP_HRCUS of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCVE 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCVE Sub component SAP_HRCVE of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCZA 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCZA Sub component SAP_HRCZA of SAP_HR
SAP_HRGXX 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRGXX Sub component SAP_HRGXX of SAP_HR
SAP_HRRXX 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRRXX Sub component SAP_HRRXX of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCIN 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCIN Sub component SAP_HRCIN of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCAR 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCAR Sub component SAP_HRCAR of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCAT 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCAT Sub component SAP_HRCAT of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCAU 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCAU Sub component SAP_HRCAU of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCBE 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCBE Sub component SAP_HRCBE of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCBR 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCBR Sub component SAP_HRCBR of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCCA 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCCA Sub component SAP_HRCCA of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCCH 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCCH Sub component SAP_HRCCH of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCCN 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCCN Sub component SAP_HRCCN of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCDE 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCDE Sub component SAP_HRCDE of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCDK 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCDK Sub component SAP_HRCDK of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCES 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCES Sub component SAP_HRCES of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCFI 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCFI Sub component SAP_HRCFI of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCFR 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCFR Sub component SAP_HRCFR of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCGB 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCGB Sub component SAP_HRCGB of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCHK 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCHK Sub component SAP_HRCHK of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCID 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCID Sub component SAP_HRCID of SAP_HR
SAP_HRCIE 500 0061 SAPK-50061INSAPHRCIE Sub component SAP_HRCIE of SAP_HR


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Re: SAP CLC HR Components

Post by Snowy » Tue Jun 30, 2009 6:06 am

if you download the SAP_HR component, you also get this big list at the same time.

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Re: SAP CLC HR Components

Post by shamsul » Tue Jun 30, 2009 8:48 pm

Dear Expert,

I only know where to download the HRSPs from the SAP Service Markeplace, example: SAPKE50061
So, I don't know where the location & link to download the CLC components. Can somebody guide me?


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Re: SAP CLC HR Components

Post by benhp » Tue Jun 30, 2009 10:56 pm

There is no separate download for CLC components. Just apply HR SPs all CLC components will come along with it.

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