tp endede with error code 0208

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tp endede with error code 0208

Post by him0031 » Fri Mar 20, 2009 12:18 am

Dear all,

our ABAPers are getting some error while they try to release any TR. the chiled TR releases easily but on Parent TR they gets error.

Shor Text
Test Call of transport control program (tp) ended with return code 0208
Your transport request could not be exported, since all requirements were not fulfilled.

Calling the transport control program tp
"tp EXPCHK UCDK906218 pf=\\ucldev\sapmnt\trans\bin\TP_DOMAIN_UCD.PFL

Which checks the export requirements, returned the following information:
Return code from tp: 0208
Error text from tp: ERROR:

System Respose
Further processing is terminated.

Check the following points:
- Feasibility of the transport control program tp
- Parameter setting in the transport profile
- Availability of the transport directory and the subdirectories (cofile, data, log, sapnames, bin)
- Write authorization for the subdirectories
- Write authorization for the files of the subdirectories cofiles, data, log sapnames
Release the request again when the error has been removed

i check all the permission but nothing found. apart from this i am solving this error from last 3-4 times by Restarting the Development Server.

tp version 370.00.09 (release 700, unicode enabled)
tp information
kernel release 700
kernel make variant 700_REL
DBMS client library OCI_10201_SHARE ()
DBSL shared library version 700.08
compiled on NT 5.0 2195 Service Pack 4 x86 MS VC++ 13.10
compilation mode UNICODE
compile time Aug 28 2006 20:43:03
update level 0
patch number 75
source id 0.075

please suggest me what to do.


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Re: tp endede with error code 0208

Post by hoinz » Fri Mar 20, 2009 3:51 am

Not sure about this, but one thing to check when it happens next time:
Go to transaction SM59, and check RFC connection TMSADM@<domain_controller>.
This might give you some more descriptive error message.


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Re: tp endede with error code 0208

Post by him0031 » Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:11 am

hi hoinz,

today again our ABAPer received same error. i checked SM59 connection. there is no issue. all the connection are woring fine. i again used restart option to solve this issue.

could it be a tp program problem?????????? may be tp program corrupted or some other buffer issue.. how can i check these all possible situations.

plz suggest..


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Re: tp endede with error code 0208

Post by benhp » Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:42 am

Dear Himanshu,

Try applying the latest Kernel patch, Latest patch is 185 and your current patch level is 75.


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