Creating new clients - Steps to take

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Creating new clients - Steps to take

Post by MikeNZ » Wed Mar 07, 2007 1:47 pm


We are right at the begnning of a new SAP project and I have been asked to create some addtional clients. I don't really know much about BASIS and am only filling in until we get some BASIS resource.

Can someone please help me with the some basics - I want to create a new client and copy it from 000.

I have performed the following steps:
1) SALE - defined logical system
2) SCC4 - added new entry to table T000 and assigned logical system - new client = 100
3) Logged to client 100 with SAP*
4) SCCL - copy from 000
5) ???

Can anyone please help with whether I am doing the correct steps and what comes after 4) - do I need to run SCC8? What else?

Any help you could provide would be great.

Thanks !!

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Post by snmsee » Wed Mar 07, 2007 2:14 pm

This document might help you: First register on the site ... linkid=722

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Post by Dman » Thu Mar 08, 2007 6:31 am


Some of my notes, hope it helps,

Client copies

 Logon to existing client
 Run transaction scc4
 Create new client
 Logon to new client as user SAP*
 Run transaction sccl
 Select what you want t copy (profile)
 Select the source client
 Submit in background

Common problems:

1. Redo logs can fill up
2. Rollback segments are not large enough
3. Not enough pre-allocated space in data files. So run in test mode first and perform the resource analysis

OSS notes:

1. 118823
2. 35415
3. 24853
4. 19574
5. 70643
6. 70547

Also client copy log is in transaction scc3 or admin  client admin  copy logs

*** Log onto new client as user DDIC and execute the program RDDNEWPP
This will automatically schedule the program RDDIMPDP etc.
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