Updates in OM and correctly updating IT0001 (integration)

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Updates in OM and correctly updating IT0001 (integration)

Post by PeterRJ » Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:03 am


I hope someone can help me with the following question as I am not an OM expert;

In HR, PA0001 populates the Position and Job for an employee.
Now when looking at this employee we have a record starting 01012017 and ending 31129999

Position 00000000001
Job 10000000001

Now a change is done in OM where the job, linked to this Position has changed.
So we go to EXPERT MODE and go the the Position (PO13)
Position 00000000001 is selected and relation B 007 is edited.

Situation was:

01012017 - 31129999 B 007 C 10000000001

Situation Becomes:

01012017 - 31082017 B 007 C 10000000001
01092017 - 31129999 B 007 C 20000000002

This is saved.

When looking are infotype 0001 for this employee the old record is still shown but when we select the button "Org Structure" we can see the new job linked in OM. (ofcourse)

The problem is that report RHINTECHECK now shows an inconsistency between PA and OM.
Also PA reports looking at IT0001 is showing the incorrect data

What is missed in the process here? Do we need to run and additional RHINTE report to create a BIM for IT0001 update?

The currect settings in T77S0 for PLOGI

PLOGI ADAYS Waiting Period Personnel Planning
PLOGI APPNT Appointment calendar integration switch
PLOGI APPRA 0 Integration switch for appraisal
PLOGI BINPT X PA-PD Integration even in background
PLOGI BSPAY X Integration IT1005 - IT0008
PLOGI COSTD Integration of Cost Distribution PersAdm/OrgManag
PLOGI COSTI Integration switch for cost center accounting
PLOGI DIFMA Company codes from different FM areas
PLOGI EVCCC 02 Master data action: company code change
PLOGI EVCRE X Generate event with entry T77INT (action designat.
PLOGI EVEGC 02 Master data action: employee subgroup change
PLOGI EVENB Enhanced integration (X= on, Space= off)
PLOGI EVPAC 02 Master data action for country reassignment
PLOGI ORGA X Integration Switch: Organizational Assignment
PLOGI PDCON HR: Context Authorization Check in PD
PLOGI PLOGI 01 Integration Plan Version / Active Plan Version
PLOGI PRELI 99999999 Integration: default position
PLOGI PRELU Integration: PA update online or batch
PLOGI QUALI 1 A032 Q Integration switch for qualifications
PLOGI SPLIT Integration: New IT 0001 record at name change
PLOGI TEXTC Integration: transfer short text of job
PLOGI TEXTD Integration: Selection Date for OM Texts (IT0001)
PLOGI TEXTO Integration: transfer short text of org.unit
PLOGI TEXTS Integration: transfer short text of position
PLOGI TIME 0 Integration switch: Training and Event Mgmt/ Time

Thanks for your kind help and support in this and I hope to return the favour in time.



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