No Valid Interval Found (External number assignment) error

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No Valid Interval Found (External number assignment) error

Post by dcg » Wed Aug 16, 2017 10:09 pm

Good afternoon all.

I have created a Custom Object and have assigned an External Number Range.

When I try to create a new Object, specifying an Object Number, the "[i]No Valid Interval Found (External number assignment)[/i]" error is generated.

The Custom Object is Type 'ZZ' and in Table NRIV I have the following entry :

Object Name RP_PLAN
SubObject 01ZZ
No Range No. EX (also had same issue with 01 in the Field)
To Year 0000 (all other entries in Table the same)
From Number 75000000
To Number 75000999
Number Status 00000000000000000
External X

Can someone off a suggestion to where to look next. I've not done much in this part of OM for some time.



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