Housekeeping on PTREQ_HEADER table

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Housekeeping on PTREQ_HEADER table

Post by chutney374 » Thu Dec 04, 2014 5:46 am

Hi Experts

I have a little problem with ESS leave requests generating exclusive locks on the SAP system. Upon investigations we've discovered that we have PTREQ_HEADER entries totalling over 4 million entries.

We've run the transaction PTARQ in an attempt to clear this down however it hasn't had the desired effect and although entries from other tables have been removed from the system PTREQ_HEADER is still showing over 4 million entries.

My question is simple:

Other than going into SE16, and entering the table and manually deleting entries from this table is there any housekeeping that can be perform to ensure that the workflow remains in tact?


Paul M. (P.S. I'm a Basis Bod).

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