Secondment Agreement

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Secondment Agreement

Post by ljgershman » Wed Oct 29, 2014 3:02 pm

Hello fellow SAPpers!

My company is on ECC 6.0 / EHP 6. We have our first employee who has a Secondment Agreement where he will remain as an employee in one country (Australia) for various benefits purposes but requires a new personnel number (PERNR) to work in and be paid by another company code in another country (UK). The host company/country will also provide pension benefits. Both the seconder and host (secondee's) companies are within the same SAP system. I would appreciate some assistance in how to set this person up in their current country's personnel number and also the new country and company in which they will work for the next two years to indicate a Secondment Agreement is in force.

For example, should we use special employee groups to identify the employee in their current personnel number as a seconder and an active employee (secondee) in the host company/country? We already use employee groups for a person who temporarily works in another country but is remains an employee and is paid by their home company. In that case, we have an employee group of Expat for their home PERNR and one called Inpat for the PERNR created for their foreign country assignment. Secondment is not exactly the same because the host country pays the's similar to Expat/Inpat but does not seem quite the same. Can we also use Country Reassignment to create the new PERNR in the new country/company code?

We will not be using the Management of Global Employees module, though that looked interesting. Also, I have seen other SAPFANS postings regarding Secondment but have not seen anything that quite addresses our situation which seems to be fairly common.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Larry Gershman

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Re: Secondment Agreement

Post by tinahuang » Sun Feb 15, 2015 9:13 pm

Those employees should have 2 personnel numbers. One is for the host country, but at the same time he has a different employee groups. One is for your company but you don't need to pay.

And you can link one number to another by using referrence number, so you can recognise it in reports.

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