Multiple Checks in One Cycle

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Multiple Checks in One Cycle

Post by ljgershman » Thu Jul 31, 2014 5:22 pm

Hello fellow SAPpers!

Has anyone implemented the function "Multiple Checks in One Cycle" which allows the generation of multiple checks for regular payroll and off-cycle/supplemental payments for the same employee in the same payroll run? It involves the use of IT0815 - Multipe Checks in One Cycle. We are on ECC 6.0/EHP 6, and I cannot find the IMG activity Payroll > Payroll: USA > Multiple Checks in One Cycle to activate this functionality.

I found OSS Note 615860 - New Function 'Multiple Checks in One Cycle' which seems to indicate you have to request this functionality to be added to your system. Any experience working with SAP on this?

Thanks for your help,
Larry Gershman

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Re: Multiple Checks in One Cycle

Post by ljgershman » Fri Sep 19, 2014 7:24 am

Hello fellow SAPpers,

I submitted an OSS Message to SAP about this topic. Here is the response I received on 10 September 2014:

09/10/2014 - 16:45:24 CST - Reply by SAP
Hello Larry,

I contacted Product Manager regarding this, following her information:

"Thanks a lot for your interest in this functionality. Unfortunately,
this development never made to GA (General Availability) due to
specific reasons. Hence it is not available for our customers at this

We do not see it happening in 2014 and it is too early to say if
development can pick this up in 2015. All depends on the amount of
Legal changes that come in as well as the high priority enhancements
that could surface.

Having said that, we still are not giving up on this and have added
to our pipeline. We will consider this develelopment if and when we
can make room for it.

Thanks again for showing your interest in this development."

Hope this clarifies.
Kind regards,
SAP Active Global Support

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